The ethos of the book review section of south is a little different than conventional journals’: first, reviews are published online, not in the print version. The reviews are substantially shorter (<1k words) and accessible through our website for free. It’s our position that the reviews should be as democratic as possible—available to all scholars and students of American studies—and should answer the basic questions: “What are we reading? What recent books are valuable to the field of southern studies, broadly defined? How might we assess the work being done?” Our goal is for the reviews to be published quarterly, and they will be announced through social media, especially Twitter.

We are interested in book-length studies focused exclusively on the South, of course, but we are also interested in scholarship that re-examines and repositions the South, even on a micro level (i.e., a chapter or two, or the suggestion of further study). Reviews may be solicited by the editor or may be sent unsolicited by way of our online submissions manager, but must be accompanied by a CV. Alternately, if you’re interested in reviewing a book but don’t have a suggestion for a title, you may email me and request an assignment.

Andy Crank
Book Review Editor