Southern Literary Journal

The Southern Literary Journal has been an important journal in the field of southern studies since its inception in 1968. In the fall of 2015, SLJ moved from its home in English and Comparative Literature to American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, with Sharon P. Holland succeeding outgoing editors Minrose Gwin and Florence Dore.

The editorial transition brought with it several changes, including moving the focus of the journal from literary to interdisciplinary content, establishing a closer relationship with UNC Press under the leadership of John Sherer, and changing the name of the journal to, simply, south, to reflect our collective vision for its future.

In addition, a new national board of scholars in the field will serve as readers and keepers of the vision of the journal. Part of that vision is to continue the work of SLJ, which has especially encouraged global and hemispheric comparative scholarship linking the American South to other Souths. In short, we envision a journal that thinks of the entity called “the south” in circum-Gulfic terms, from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.