vol. xlviii : fall 2015 : no. 1

D.R. “Bob” Wakefield, “Self-Portrait,” frontispiece from An Alphabet of Endangered Mammals (2008).

table of contents

special issue: “deep”

Editor’s Note: Go-Go
Sharon P. Holland

the deep tree
Fred Moten

Water Skis and Dirty Back Roads: Reorienting the Deep South
Michael P. Bibler

Riding Deep Waters: An Appalachian Meditation
Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt

Concerning Our Dirty Little Imperium, the Archive, and Southern Deeps
Bryan Giemza

In the Land Where We Were Dreaming
Coleman Hutchison

Never Put Your Feet Where Your Eyes Cain’t See: A Meditation on Deepness
Sara E. Johnson

Long and Wide and Deep
Ruth Salvaggio

In Deep
Melanie Benson Taylor

Deep/South, Up/West
Sophie White


Listening to Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction: After James
Garry Bertholf

El Sur Profundo: Alternative Soundings of the South
The Dolores Flores-Silva Deep Listening Trio
(Dolores Flores-Silva with Keith Cartwright and Rosemary Mulligan)

Mapping Spatial Consciousness in Kate Chopin’s Bayou Folk Stories
Heather Fox

Others from a Southern Mother: Southerning the Queer in Patricia Highsmith’s Strangers on a Train
Nathan Tipton